Skulourful by HATCH is an NFT project focused on lore & storytelling. The story of Skulourful revolves around a cabal of pan-dimensional beings who appeared on earth, and ultimately sought shelter inside humans.
Skulourful is a 6,666 supply collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is founded by HATCH, which is the moniker of London-based artist & illustrator Dave Smith. Alongside Hatch is a team of WEB3 pioneers that are focused on creating the best possible experience for holders, delivering quality lore and artwork, and having incredible utility for the project moving forward.
-Ten 1 of 1 hand drawn Vans sneakers shipped out to select holders within the community
-Ninety Skulourful print sneakers shipped out to select holders within the community

PeeWee Tools
-Exclusive 15% off subscription for Skulourful holders

Floor Cross Collab
-Twenty Floor App passes given to our community

-Token gated merch store with exclusive Skulourful merch, all designed by HATCH and only available to holders at a discounted rate.
It's important to stay hydrated, but why is it glowing?

We all need someone to watch our backs, even the Skuluminati